Road Closure Hours

Friday May 19th – 2:30pm – 11pm

Saturday May 20th – 10am – 11pm

Sunday May 21st – 10am – 10pm

Streets Closed
  1. St Peter between Moss and Hagan (SaintPeter)
  2. Toulouse between Moss and Hagan (Toulouse)
  3. Elaine Place between Moss St and Wilson (ElainePlace)
  4. Orleans between Moss St. and Wilson Dr. (Orleans)
  5. Orleans between Moss St and Hagan Ave. (Orleans)
  6. Moss St. between Dumaine and LafitteĀ  (Moss)
  7. Moss St. between Orleans and Dumaine St. (NormanCFrancis)


Contact Info

Call and leave message – 504-488-3865

Email –


Link to fillable waiver.

To update contact info, Sign the Street Closure Waiver, or leave a question or comment, please fill out this form.