We love to see you enjoy the festival from the water
Please take the time to look at these rules before planning your Bayou Boogaloo experience!

Boating and rafting on Bayou St. John during a neighborhood festival is what makes Bayou Boogaloo unique.  We want to encourage that in a responsible and respectful way while ensuring that attendees are safe and following the state law.   Be safe, have fun, and follow the guidance below.


  • You MUST have a ticket to enter on water or land
  • Only flotation devices designed for outdoor water activities are allowed. 
  • NO motorized vessels allowed on Bayou St. John 
  • Please Don’t Litter 
  • Per state law, all vessels must have personal floatable devices for those on board 
  • Per State Law, Persons under 16 are required to wear personal floatable devices at all times 
  • NO glass containers or outside drinks allowed except for sealed plastic water bottle
  • Empty coolers are OK
  • All vessels are subject to inspection by law enforcement for dangerous or restricted items
  • All children under 12  must be accompanied by and adult – ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS
  • NO floating vendors allowed


  • Homemade rafts will be required to register and submit a $100 deposit, which will be refunded upon the user’s removal of the vessel and materials from the bayou.
  • Barges are required to have official Coast Guard sticker provided by Friends of Bayou St John once deposit is paid
  • Barges may be launched on the south end of Bayou St. John, where Moss St (Riverside) meets Lafitte St. on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons from 5-8pm or Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings between 9am – 11am.

Friends of Bayou St. John has secured a marine permit from Wildlife and Fisheries for Bayou St. John between Lafitte St. and Dumaine St. 

Law enforcement officers of the Louisiana Wildlife and Fishery Department, sheriff’s deputies, and any other authorized enforcement officer or staff, shall have the authority to order the removal of vessels deemed to be an interference or hazard to public safety, enforce all boating safety laws, or cause any inspection to be made of all vessels in accordance to state law.

Per City Ordinance, All barges must be picked up within 24 hours after the festival.

All barges are subject to removal if deemed unsafe by festival staff or law enforcement officer