The 2015 application process has ended.  Stay tuned to find out which artists will be participating in  the 10th Annual Mid-City Bayou Boogaloo!  


Artists at the 2014 Mid-City Bayou Boogaloo Arts Market

Company Artist
Adorn & Conquer and Gamache Maria Fomich and Judy Gamache DiGeorge
Alan Zakem Alan Zakem
Alison Ford Metals Alison Ford
Alla's Fine Art  Alla Baltas
Alluvial Atelier Hillary Albins
Andy Levin Art and Photography Andy Levin
Art with Passion  Lori Felix
Arts Kinetic  Forrest Bacigalupi
Baobab Tree Designs  Denise Collins
Bayou Soap Co.  William Terry
Beatrix Bell Handcrafted Jewelry Beatrix Bell
Bedford Falls Headwear Abigail Cosio
Bonnie Jean Miller Metalsmith & Curt Fleck Art  Curt Fleck
Calvin Walton Art Calvin Walton
Camille Quintana Camille Quintana
Carnival Sculpture and Lizano Glass Haus  Brian Bush and Paulette Lizano
Carrie Landry Designs Carrie Landry
Cathy's Creations  Cathy Johnson
Chris Goulet Chris Goulet
Christopher Kirsch Christopher Kirsch
Deep South Concepts  Darren Bossier
Elements of Stained Glass  Fred Weber
Fighting Spirit  Jill Hruska
Gator Girl Art  Nancy Kimberly
Grillier Willis Design  Ragan Grillier Willis
Heather Elizabeth Designs Heather Elizabeth
Nyssa Lyon Nyssa Lyon
Inexplicable Confetti  Phillip Whitmore
Jess Leigh Jewels  Jess Leigh
Jimmy Stroud Jimmy Stroud
Joshua Lee Studio  Joshua Lee Nidenberg
Kabuki Design Studio Tracy Thomson
Kenny Greig Cajun Crafts Kenny Greig 
Kiki Huston Jewelry Designs Kiki Huston 
Kim Welsh Cultural Photography Kim Welsh
Libellula Jewelry & Cicada Silver  Susan Fincher
Little Crochet Baby Carrie Haqq
Living Furniture  Paul Troyano
Loftin Oysters, LLC  Ali Loftin
Love, Marigold Marigold Pascual
Lucy Farms Llc/Dba Michael's Pickles  Flo/Max Malone
Man in the Maze Studio  Kevin Murphy
MarKel ART  Mary Smith & Kelly Connolly
Martin Welch Art, LLC Martin Welch 
Michael Guidry Studio Michael Guidry
Miette Angela Jackson & Valerie Lango
Miki Glasser Art/Yerba NOLA Miki Glasser/Gigi Camey
Mimosa by m.e. L.L.C.  Madeline Ellis
Mitch Landry Art Mitch Landry
Roycelyn Dequair Roycelyn Dequair 
Nola Potter Jennifer Blanchard
Nurhan Gokturk Nurhan Gokturk 
Paul Anthony Thibodeaux Paul Anthony Thibodeaux
Perez Art  Luis Perez
Red Arrow Workshop  Jason Brown
ReStrung Jewelry  Naomi Celestin
Ronnie Cardwell Ronnie Cardwell 
Senica  Benardett Jno-Finn
Shaun Aleman Shaun Aleman
Sidney's Creations  Sidney Carter
Skull Paradise  Shawna Washington
Still Waters Jewelry  Eslie Taylor
Stone Creations by Colleen  Frank Andara
SunHouse Studio Jon & Laura Pecoul
Suzanne Saunders Artwork & Lizard King Sculptures  Ashley Guevara
Tchoup Industries  Laura Doré
Tessellation, LLC
Heather Booth
Uniquitys  Tommy Boehm
Whiskey Blues Upcycle  Rachaela DiRosaria